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monikur is about to get even better. 1.7.2 will feature improvements in the connection process with your clients to make it even simpler for them to connect and text with you.
New features this summer include swipe to mark a conversation as unread and broadcast to send a text to all of your connections at

I am a Gold Rush junkie. I can’t get enough of watching their adventures looking for gold in the Yukon. One thing I have learned from this tv show is that the very first thing you do is test drill. You bring minimal equipment, take a sampling, and see if the ground has potential.

Ever regret taking a case? The initial consultation is as much about vetting the potential client as it is informing and advising them. Despite your confidence that you can handle a case well and despite the client’s ability to pay, a lack of compatibility might require you to decline representation.
What are some of the

Very excited to announce the release of monikur 1.5.23!
This version has several performance upgrades as well as one big new feature: events. Events allows monikurPro subscribers to create calendar items that will automatically send push notification reminders to their clients.
Choose from reminder intervals. Reduce missed appointments. Events is a new feature for monikur

Various professions have rules regarding client communications. Common to most professions is the need for confidentiality. Attorneys, medical professionals, financial advisors, and other professionals must take steps to ensure confidentiality. This entails more than encryption. The medical profession in particular is regulated by HIPAA which sets forth specific rules on handling patient data.
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Probably the simplest way to promote your law practice is to hand out business cards. Simple, cheap, but highly effective.
I was in court this morning and there was a ruckus. A sovereign citizen ruckus. I was enjoying the melee, but the deputies had all of us step out in to the hall for our