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When it comes to creating good websites, most web developers are quick to say that they prioritize the user experience. Unfortunately, most don’t consider the experience of visitors using assistive technologies. In fact, one study found that more than 90% of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities who rely on assistive technology. 

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Extraordinary news is published on the front page of the newspaper for maximum exposure, a strategy that helps communicate important news quickly—and helps publishers sell their papers faster. Similarly, law firm websites can utilize the “above the fold” technique to deliver a better user experience and increase engagement.


If your law firm primarily gets cases via referrals, then lead generation is probably not a high priority for you when it comes to online marketing. However, a website is still important—and there are unique considerations when designing a website for referral validation.

Referrals are so special. You previously delivered good service to someone and

By: Donata Stroink-Skillrud, Esq., CIPP

In this modern day and age, most attorneys and law firms have a website where they list the services that they offer, provide valuable insights into novel legal issues, and connect with current and prospective clients. Attorney websites usually achieve these goals through contact forms, email newsletter sign-up forms, appointment

Last year, TikTok was the most visited website on the internet, surpassing Google, YouTube and Facebook for the top spot. With this surge in popularity, it’s no surprise that law firms are considering if, and how, to leverage the platform. In this video, Omnizant’s Social Media Manager, Madeline, provides a great primer for attorneys that

This article was originally included in Trial Magazine, published by the American Association for Justice. 

Most law practices rely on third-party consultants or agencies for website development and online marketing assistance. Unfortunately, not all providers are transparent. Knowing the right questions to ask (and who to hire) can be challenging if you aren’t well versed in