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With all the analytics companies being bought up recently, I made the above comment to Doug Austin in discussing his column a few weeks back on the new NIST standards for developing trust in Artificial Intelligence programs. ( )

But maybe the analogy isn’t a good one. A better one may be that this

I always like to wait a few days before I review a big tech conference to let the impact settle in. And not just for me but for attendees and exhibitors as well. That said, here’s my thoughts on the ABA Techshow2021.

This year was the first ever virtual TechShow and as such defied most

It’s Friday Aug. 28 and the fifth and final day of ILTA>ON is coming to a close. It was a wonderful event and, as always, featured outstanding educational content and robust, albeit virtual, social interaction.

In 2014 at this time I was at ILTA and sending emails to my dear friend Browning Marean who was

Today is the last day of ILTA>ON and the high caliber educational sessions don’t let up a bit. The keynote address today is Legal’s Next Disruptor? Demystifying the Big 4 and the discussion about the changes caused by corporate legal departments working in new ways to handle eDiscovery, including the use of external resources beyond

Day 4 and the sessions are continuing with their high quality and levels of attendance. The Litigation Roundtable yesterday had over 150 people and broke out into smaller groups for focused chats ….something you can’t do in a large room at a live conference. And the first time Marketing track had over 120 people in

It’s Wednesday and day three of ILTA>ON. Todays keynote speaker is Richard Punt, Managing Director of Legal Strategy & Market Development at Thomson Reuters and his topic is AFTER THE QUAKE: PREDICTIONS FOR AN UNCERTAIN LEGAL FUTURE.

The other tracks for today include Litigation Support, IT Operations, Office 365 and Marketing. As always, Doug Austin

In our previous installment on Content Search we discussed basic searching and how to work with the results. This session covers some of the deeper filtering functionality that can be performed in a Review Set along with advanced search techniques and basic ECA functionality with those techniques. In addition, Rachi mentions an exciting development regarding the new

Here is the  third installment of the Office 365 series with Tom O’Connor of the Gulf Coast Legal Tech Center and Rachi Messing, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Legal. This week Rachi and Tom discuss the Litigation Hold features of O365 and how they impact the discovery process.
The duty to preserve is, of course,