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At LexBlog, we’ve built our reputation by providing a platform and network for legal professionals to share insights, developments, and commentary. Now, we’re extending this platform and network to legal tech companies. 

Legal Tech Daily is your gateway to reaching over 40,000 legal professionals across the globe, including members of 70 of the largest law firms in the United States and influencers of the legal professionals, whether they be reporters, bloggers or associations. 

If you have a legal tech blog and would like to be included, please go to our Join page to submit your request.

How It Works

Legal Tech Daily harnesses LexBlog’s Portal Technology and the power of RSS feeds to bring the latest blog posts, announcements, and news from legal tech companies directly to a global legal audience. Each participating company will have a dedicated page featuring:

Company Profile: An overview of your company, including key products or services, website(s), blog posts and contact information.

Latest News and Announcements: Automatically updated content from your company.
Featured Highlights: Selected posts and major announcements can be prominently displayed for greater exposure.

Benefits of Joining Legal Tech Daily

Broad Reach: Your content reaches a vast network of legal professionals, enhancing your visibility and engagement

Timely Updates: As soon as you create a new blog post, it’s automatically reflected on Legal Tech Daily and your Legal Tech Daily company page.

Regular Newsletter: Blog posts can include your company news and announcements and will be featured in the Legal Tech Daily newsletter, distributed regularly to a wide audience of legal professionals.

Cost-Effective Marketing: We provide this platform to support the legal tech community in a cost-effective manner, helping you connect with potential clients and partners without substantial marketing expenditures.