Happy November 11.

Sometimes a deadline helps us gain the focus and clarity we need to get things done—like finishing and filing your brief or producing your documents.

Deadlines can also inspire us to take on those things we have put off.

As of today there are 50 days left until we start a brand-new year and a brand-new decade.

The end of a decade is an inspiring and perhaps sobering deadline and can incentivize us to decide what we want to take with us into the new decade and what we want to leave behind.

What changes can you make today to have more of what you want in the next decade? What is a first step you could take to start the process of making a change?

Maybe today—New Decade minus 50—can give you that nudge toward action! In fact, maybe right now is the best time to take the first step, so that you have your new idea up and running 50days from now.

(If freeing up time by automating tedious and unrewarding document production tasks is on your list for how to improve your life, we can help with that. Perhaps you could you use that time to be more effective in your practice—or free up time for things you love outside your practice? Click here right now to take the first step!)

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