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In the past year, inflation levels have reached highs that haven’t been seen in four decades, and there are no signs that these high prices will be leaving anytime soon. In fact, economists are projecting that inflation could continue to impact the cost of goods and services well into 2023, if not longer. This has

In Punchbowl, Inc. v. AJ Press, LLC, the Ninth Circuit affirmed a trademark win for upstart news outfit Punchbowl News. In doing so, the court held that First Amendment protection extends to the names of commercial enterprises. This ground-breaking decision heralds the expansion of traditional fair use defenses to any trademark infringement claims where a

On November 30, 2022, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) announced that its scientists have determined that plants could be used to produce nanobodies that quickly block emerging pathogens in human medicine and agriculture. The nanobodies are small antibody proteins naturally produced in specific animals like camels, alpacas, and llamas. ARS

TimeSolv’s just rolled out an enhancement that alerts the user if the required hours recorded do not meet the minimum daily hours defined in the system. The dates on the calendar now show the total recorded time in bold red text. Also, when a user hovers over the date on the calendar to view the

Law school taught you how to provide excellent legal services—conducting detailed research, crafting airtight contracts, and making unimpeachable arguments for your clients.   But what about the details of business management? Odds are, accounts receivable weren’t a major focus in your coursework! As a result, implementing sustainable, profitable invoicing, billing, and payment practices can prove challenging

We’ll state it simply: making your legal website compliant with the requirements of The Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA) is critical. It’s important for actual accessibility, it’s important for human dignity, and it’s important for legal reasons. You care about your law firm’s clients and potential clients. Ensuring that your law firm’s website is

The longstanding debate over whether Bill C-18, the Online News Act, requires payment for linking came to an end yesterday. Government officials admitted that even basic quotes from news articles that include a hyperlink to the original source would scope user posts into the law and require platforms such as Google and Facebook to negotiate

Earlier this month, at the NetDocuments three-day Inspire 2022 conference for customers and partners, one of the speakers was Jeff Pfeifer, chief product officer for LexisNexis for Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. He was there to speak about a unique partnership between LexisNexis and NetDocuments called Highlights, which embeds LexisNexis case analysis and

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One of the many reasons I blog is because of the technology. Ever since I first learned html back in the late ’90s, I’ve been fascinated with web publishing. For many years I ran my own web server. Then, four or five years ago, I finally committed to having someone else

In this day and age, are lawyers even needed? What is our worth to clients? The answer is obvious, clients need us because we provide an invaluable service. We solve legal issues, navigate the judicial system, advocate the client’s position, counsel them, advise them and problem-solve. Despite this, lawyers often get a bad rap. People