On this episode of the video series How It Works: LollyLaw, a cloud-based, all-in-one case management platform for immigration law firms.
LollyLaw, which was recently acquired by law practice management company Paradigm, is designed to allow immigration lawyers to effortlessly manage all major functions of their practice through a single, intuitive platform.
LollyLaw helps

Last week, Filevine, the Utah-based case management company, raised $108 million in a Series D funding round. Founded in 2014 with an original focus on litigation and personal injury law, the company has been steadily expanding its platform into other areas of law practice — including larger firms, insurance defense, corporate legal, and government

Last year, in the continuing federal court litigation between now-shuttered legal research startup ROSS Intelligence and long-established legal research giant Thomson Reuters, ROSS upped the ante when it filed a counterclaim asserting that TR is violating federal antitrust law by maintaining monopolistic and anticompetitive control over the legal research market.
Today, in a partial win