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The American Arbitration Association today announced the launch of a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to enable parties with multiple arbitration cases to streamline their case administration. The APIs will allow parties to send and receive documents, file new cases, and track case-related activities. For firms that may not have robust technology infrastructure

A cardiologist with a background in medical technology, computer science and artificial intelligence has launched a product for legal professionals and physician expert witnesses that targets the tedious task of reviewing and analyzing thousands of pages of medical records. The product, Quench SmartChart, uses generative AI to streamline the medico-legal review process, enabling users to

Last October, during its annual Clio Cloud Conference, the law practice management company Clio announced its plan to roll out an e-filing service, called Clio File, during 2024, starting with Texas, which would make it the first law practice management platform with built-in e-filing. Today, it delivered on that promise, launching Clio File for e-filing in Texas courts.

If you are a lawyer whose practice involves regularly working with PDF forms, such as those from courts and government agencies, a new generative AI feature from document automation company Gavel could help save you time. The new feature, Gavel Blueprint for PDF, allows lawyers to automatically convert PDF forms into automated document-generation workflows, automatically