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This week on the podcast we ask: How are lead gen and personal branding the same? with Mary Henderson

About our guest: Mary Henderson is an internationally recognized Personal Branding & Online Business Specialist.  Mary helps Industry Experts systemize, digitalize and commercialize their knowledge, wisdom and skills into a scalable & profitable online business and a brand

Social media is an essential tool in today’s competitive online marketplace. Your law firm’s social media content can strengthen your connection with your audience and extend your firm’s reach.
Creating content for your social media pages can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you are trying to generate content at the last minute. As a

When visiting a law firm  website, you’ll often find an ‘About’ page available in their menu. Though this may often be treated as an afterthought, or filled with irrelevant content that only really speaks about the law firm owner, an About page can be used to successfully connect with visitors and build trust in knowing