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SNAPSHOTChavez-Freed Law is a law firm focusing on Civil Rights, Anti-Discrimination, Criminal Defense, and Prisoner Advocacy and is located in Philadelphia. The firm needed to refresh their website to represent their expertise online.Together we analyzed the needs and developed a plan to to establish credibility with their audience, represent their expertise online, and create a

Online presence needed modernizing

Updating a Neglected Website to Create a Dynamic, Innovative Online Presence

Sperling & Slater, P.C. is an established legal firm with 34 lawyers. The firm has been practicing for approximately 35 years and is based in Chicago IL, though their commercial litigation practice serves clients nationwide.Despite having a depth of experience

Boosting Search Rank and Revenue at Azemika & Azemika

Twin brothers Anthony and Nicholas Azemika have been practicing family law out of their firm in Bakersfield, California since 1997. They specialize in delicate familial conflicts like divorce, custody, visitation, paternity, child support, and adoption.After 27 years of business, Azemika & Azemika are a well-established law

Jeremy Widder Law

Generating quality leads in a cost-effective manner with a high-quality website update

Jeremy Widder Law is a young firm located in Charles County, Maryland. The group specializes in providing top-notch legal representation for clients with criminal, DUI/traffic, and protective order matters.Serving the greater Charles County area, the firm wanted to specifically target

The term “nurturing” in the business world refers to how businesses build long-term relationships with potential customers (or, in your case, your firm with potential clients). Having a client nurturing strategy is important for building your audience, improving loyalty to your firm and developing a better connection with your clients.
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