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I have watched and listened to so many pledge drives on PBS and NPR over the years. I occasionally get a question about how to support this blog. I’ve ruled out pledge drives, thankfully for you and for me.
Recently, I noticed that Sabrina Pacifici of the fabulously-useful and highly-recommended blog, BeSpacific, had a

For many years, modern portfolio theory and its adaptation to technology and innovation in law has been one of my recurring big themes. As in your financial portfolio, risk and reward must be assessed and your tech and innovation efforts must be seen as a portfolio to increase your chances of good longterm returns.

It’s time for another creator economy experiment. I’ve been thinking and talking about trying Gumroad to offer for sale some of my smaller information products (templates, worksheets, handouts, et al.) that aren’t available elsewhere, are valuable, and aren’t currently helping others.
Gumroad is a very popular service that allows creators to monetize these kinds of

I decided last weekend that it was time to kill off some of my innovation ideas and projects, both personal and professional.
And my timing might have been right because yesterday I watched a great Strategyzer webinar called “Why Killing Ideas is Key in Innovation,” featuring Alex Osterwalder, Tendayi Viki, and Uwe Kirscner. A replay