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This was an extremely refreshing conversation with Anurag Dhingra, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at Webex by Cisco.  He has a deeply technical background and has risen through the ranks to focus on the importance about generative AI in the workplace.

In today’s tech-dependent world, Cisco notes the importance of delivering tech with

I was delighted to have Gerald Heydenreich, Founder of EtherMail.  In case you have not heard, interactions with NFTs, cryptocurrency, and all things blockchain can be a bit painful to control.  Not anymore!

Recently EtherMail launched its Email-as-a-Wallet (EaaW) solution, enabling users to create non-custodial wallets through Gmail or Apple accounts in under one minute

In advance of the AI Film Festival hosted by Expo City Dubai, where I will serve as a judge and panelist, I wanted to share some videos that we filmed of my thoughts as a technologist and futurist.

Before the videos, this is some background on the event. The Artificial Intelligence Film Festival (AIFF) is

Today we dive into the implications, considerations, and possibilities of open-source generative AI systems!

One question that looms for many is could Open-source AI help, hinder or simple coexist with a closed system. As you likely know open-sourced approaches, have democratized access to software, ensured transparency, and improved security for decades, but can it have

As 2024 begins, I wish to set out some thoughts on what we might expect to come with the continued dominance of AI chatter in the ether. The tech titans of Silicon Valley are all in, clearly betting their chips on the dream of generative AI transforming into a goldmine.  This will happen, but when? 

Say hello to AI Joe! It’s finally time to introduce him, my digital twin, or avatar. He will be here to read out my latest blogs and possibly do some presentations initially. Eventually, he will take on more and more work as the algorithms improve. The algorithm training was quick. The voice and video are

“Humanity is just a passing phase for evolutionary intelligence.”

This is a tough one to swallow, but this could absolutely change everything in your life.  Your job is likely going away very soon.  Seriously, that sounds ridiculous, and I know is painful to ponder.  I believe this will happen in the coming handful of years