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In a new Q&A interview, Thomson Reuters’ technologist and futurist Joseph Raczynski offers his insight about the Metaverse and how it will impact the legal industry 

In February this year, ArentFox Schiff announced that it had become the first major US law firm to “join the Metaverse” by acquiring a land site in Decentraland,

On the ground with 18,000 people humming about at Consensus 2022, I met with Awa Sun Yin the dynamic leader of Anoma in the crypto space. She has been at several very high profile organizations like Chainalysis and Cosmos. Currently she is solving for developers issues around privacy and security leveraging blockchain. She is based

As a way to encapsulate my travels and meetings with ridiculously accomplished and fascinating people from around the world, I am releasing a new series called Tech Snippets Today. These are informal conversations with some of the brightest minds across the world pushing the limits on emerging tech.

On a normal day, before major conferences,