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There’s a new way to support your customers, and it’s changing the way businesses operate. Conversational support is helping businesses develop deeper, more meaningful connections to their customers while driving up revenue. So, what is it exactly?
Conversational support is answering customers’ questions through one-to-one conversations with real people. In recent years, conversational support’s focus

There’s a good chance you’re receiving more texts than ever before. Your friends, family members, and even your favorite businesses regularly text you. You’re not alone. In 2020, mobile users sent a whopping total of 2.2 trillion text messages and those numbers are only rising.
Because of all these incoming texts, you probably check your

It’s no surprise that over half a million organizations rely on Microsoft Teams to help facilitate collaboration with their coworkers and teams. Microsoft Teams’ productivity apps take the tool’s superpowers one step further. These third-party apps can help you with everything from organizing projects to managing your customer communications—all from within your favorite team collaboration

Conversations between businesses and their customers have increasingly shifted away from in-person interactions to digital ones, with customer expectations for fast, personalized service climbing higher still. Smart businesses listened, adopting messaging channels and seeing texts fly in. But they quickly learned that opening a text messaging channel is one tactical step of a larger journey