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My apartment building got a coffee machine. It’s one of those counter top items and sits in the shared kitchen. It’s one of a number of small improvements that the new property management company has implemented in the last few months. I’m a huge coffee fan so I was thrilled to have an alternative to

It is hard to know what the truth is sometimes. It is less hard to know a fact. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has the same commitment to the facts that you, as a law librarian, might. I’ve run into this a couple of times with sites like the New York Times and Wikipedia,

I’m not sure if I’m mad or sad. Okay, those are words I would rarely use. More likely, I’m just irritated because some automagick technology is telling me to simplify my writing. Increasingly, if I’m in a Microsoft product, a little Editor bubble will appear to let me know that there’s something non-conforming with my

You can look back over years of law library professional development programming and see how often marketing comes up. It’s evergreen. I’ve never been confident that marketing is the issue. Like a technology applied to a bad process, marketing allows us to take action. But it doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, it may miss

One thing that attracted me to my current role was to be able to work with a governance board again. A proper one. Every board has its own personality and I’m already learning the differences between this board and the one that I worked with in Hamilton County, Ohio, which was positive but different. The

I’ve just finished my first solo Board meeting. Our law library is overseen by a Board of Trustees that meets monthly. My first meeting I was just a wallflower. This time, I had to actually do a bit of heavy lifting. This included an attempt to help give some perspective on our financial income.


I’m learning Spanish. Now that I’m living in California, it seems a wise skill to pick up. One of the first things I accessed with my library card was their Rosetta Stone language subscription. I don’t aim for fluency, although who knows. One reason I started was because I was thinking about how to better

A recurring question for me is how to build lateral growth in the flat hierarchy of a law library. In many law libraries, you’ll have three tiers of personnel: director, intermediate management, front line subject matter experts. When you do the math, there aren’t enough jobs for early career law librarians to move up into,