LexisNexis has dominated litigation analytics since it’s acquisition of Lex Machina and Ravel Law over the past decade. Ravel has been integrated into Lexis Advance, under the Context brand. Today Lexis Nexis announced the launch of Context Company Analytics. The original Context Judges analytics product uses language analysis to gain insights into judges precedential behavior. With the Company Analytics launch they are using language analysis to visualize insights derived from business news, company financials and litigation. Lexis has historically been strong in both company profiles and business news so this gives them an opportunity to marry new technology with these assets. Lexis holds a massive corporate data warehouse and authority file which includes profiles of over 2.5 million public and private companies and executives.

Compose Company Analytics leverages the Ravel Law machine learning and language analysis technology to align litigation history with news events and financial data. Jeff Pfeiffer, Chief Product Officer explained the benefit of the product in the press release: “The in-depth, side-by-side data and analytics in Context Company Analytics helps users immediately recognize industry and litigation trends, allowing them to take proactive action to grow and protect their business.”

LexisNexis Compose Company Analytics Dig Into News Patterns,


The press release described Context Company Analytics as the legal industry’s only language analytics solution. Until now, the RSS feed was the dominant method of aligning news and litigation information. Context is the first product extracting and matching litigation, news and business information into a single visual image.

This is an interesting new approach to driving analytics insights into the business and practice of law. Context Company Analytics is available as an “add on” for Lexis Advance subscribers.