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The best document automation for lawyers is software that enables lawyers to manage and automate legal documents. It saves storage trouble and boosts output with speedy retrieval of documents. 

  • The best document automation software allows lawyers to work on duplicate files remotely and collaboratively.
  • It allows lawyers to make electronic signatures and access and store

A unique, memorable law firm logo is almost a must-have requirement for any successful personal injury law firm. The most outstanding law firm logo design is necessary if you are starting a new law practice and need to establish your brand identity, but it can also be useful for firm’s who have been in business



to Ask When
Hiring a Paralegal

Every law firm needs to hire the best talent to maximize its chances of success. A great paralegal can make all the difference at a growing law firm. However, finding the best talent is easier said than done. This infographic covers the top ten questions that help

People filing a lawsuit usually ask the same question: what is a statute of limitations? The statute of limitations sets a period to begin litigation. Time frames depend upon the cause of action and the state in which it occurs. The statute aims to prevent malicious and lengthy cases. It ensures parties settle legal matters

Gross negligence is an omission to exercise the slightest level of due diligence. Liable parties cause harm by failing to use the tiniest fraction of care to avoid an accident. The actions are deliberate and show disregard for the consequences others may suffer. In cases of gross negligence, the party knew or should have known

Premises liability is a legal responsibility imposed on the property owner due to injuries caused by unsafe conditions. An attorney bases the premises liability lawsuit on negligence. However, simply because the victim is injured on someone’s property, it does mean that the property owner is negligent.

A victim must prove that the injury is a

From novel viruses to everyday operations, it’s no secret that the healthcare industry has taken a more central role in the lives of Americans than ever before. A statistical report on community hospitals alone showed that over 33 million Americans went to the hospital in 2019. With so many people going to the hospital, it’s not

When a case goes to court, jurors require detailed, factual information about the events that occurred. While evidence can provide some degree of insight, questions are often left unanswered, especially if there was a lack of key witnesses at the scene. 

Thanks in part to Federal Rule of Evidence 702, an expert witness can

Loss of consortium is a term in tort law that describes loss due to the wrongful death or injury of a loved one. While it’s one type of personal injury case, it tends to be a standalone claim made against negligent or intentional wrongs that deprive someone of their relationship with the injured person.


Email marketing for lawyers provides many benefits. It is a brilliant way to build relationships and boost brand awareness. Attorneys also use the strategy to market new services. Strategies will achieve the desired outcome when you plan and create strong digital marketing material. Attention-grabbing email marketing content will stand out to potential future clients. It

What is MDL?

Multidistrict litigation (MDL) is a type of civil procedure in the United States federal court system. MDL is used when multiple lawsuits are pending against a defendant or defendants, and the lawsuits share common questions of fact.

The MDL process begins when the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidates the lawsuits

Did you know that there is such a thing as comparative negligence? Prior to the 1960’s, only a few states had adopted this system, and while it can be confusing to understand, it’s important to know what it is and how it can affect your case if you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit.