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Mass tort cases commonly stem from things that affect numerous people or a group of people, such as a defective drug or poorly designed product that causes harm. The defendants in mass tort cases are often big corporations, such as pharmaceutical companies. At times, these cases receive widespread publicity and make news headlines. Since these

Personal injury attorneys could always use a few extra hours in the day to make those extra billable hours. They may often be tied up with administrative and paralegal-type tasks—such as answering phones or creating summaries of client interviews—that take away from their own availability for billable hours, especially for attorneys in smaller personal injury

In terms of white-collar crimes (fraud, money laundering, or security and antitrust violations) in the United States, RICO cases are among the most serious. The government will use all available resources to pursue a RICO case against you if the evidence is there. The criminal investigations associated with these cases are often lengthy and complex.

Generating leads is one thing and converting leads into intake is another, perfecting the science of both will make your law firm profitable.

You might be investing valuable dollars in getting an influx of leads, but without optimizing the intake process the leads may slip through the cracks.

At a personal injury firm, if the

There are many options when it comes to choosing legal software for your law firm. It can oftenfeel overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure which metrics are the most important & which software will help you grow your firm.

A law firm, similarly, is only as good as its legal software. It affects everything you

There are many options out there when it comes to choosing software for your law firm. It can often feel overwhelming, and you aren’t sure which metrics are the most important and which software will help you grow your firm.‘A workman is only as good as his tools.’

A PI firm, similarly, is only as

What is Matter Management Software?

Lawyers manage hundreds of cases every year, and each case comes with lots of case records (e.g. legal documents, notes, tasks, contracts, etc.) from both internal and external sources. Therefore, it is impossible to manually control and track all your processes.

That’s where legal matter management software comes in.


Personal injury law firms are so different from any other legal practice areas – for starters, PI lawyers have to work with clients that are under tremendous amounts of stress after the injury. Moreover, PI firms work on contingency fees, i.e., they don’t get paid unless they win the case. And to add to that,

To get qualified leads, personal injury lawyers must invest heavily in marketing and advertising, because personal injury is an extremely competitive industry. In major cities, you can’t turn off the TV for 30 mins or walk down the street without seeing an ad for a personal injury lawyer.Personal Injury lawyers can’t afford to miss any

As a personal injury attorney, you make difficult decisions every day: Should I take this case? Should we go to trial? Should we settle? Is that tuna sandwich at the corner bodega edible? It’s a daily battle to balance risk and reward. You weigh factors such as time, money, effort, and your health. But do