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Crazy New Ideas’ is a recent essay by Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator. An accelerator that has backed crazy idea startups that include AIRBNB; letting strangers stay in your home on air mattresses. Unconventional solutions such as STRIPE; 2 lads from Ireland who have revolutionised taking card payments online with an enterprise

Many firms and in-house counsel think of ‘IP software’ and ‘docketing database’ as interchangeable terms. Which is understandable as software tools for IP have only ever kept track of registry deadlines. With some add ons to assist with filing and checking local records in the docketing database against official ones at the registry.
With Covid

During 2020 we’ve been working on a lot of new trademark functionality, covering search, filing, watching, and record management. With a lot of interest from firms wanting to offer trademark services online, particularly filing and fee quotations.
As well as adding this functionality to a site using LawPanel’s APIs we have an even easier and

‘And like that … he’s gone …he became a myth, a spook story.’
‘The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.’
These great lines from the film ‘The Usual Suspects” came to mind during a recent legal AI panel discussion. The panel were well informed and discussing the provocative

As the number of firms trying LawPanel grows daily we thought we’d give a quick overview of what this looks like.

  • We make it easy
  • Add just one or two portfolios to begin with. There are no fees during this phase.
  • We do the data import and setup.
  • We give you a data cleaning
  • At LawPanel we have an interest in AI: both in what it can usefully do now in the applications we build, but also in what it might enable in the future.
    There’s been a couple of interesting articles in recent months on the ‘black box’ nature of AI. The  New York Times opined that

    We’re excited to be taking part in this year’s MDR Lab, run by Mishcon de Reya. Each year, the MDR Lab chooses a select number of legal-tech companies to join the programme, with the aim of helping them better understand the evolving needs of the legal sector.
    With one of the largest IP groups