Last week our time on the MDR Lab program culminated with us presenting the LawPanel platform to an audience of lawyers, journalists, and industry experts. It was great to have so much positive feedback and show off what LawPanel can do.


It was also exciting to see demos from the rest of our cohort: ThirdFort, LitiGate, Digitory Legal, and dealWIP. All of us have worked very hard over the past few months, and each presentation was genuinely impressive.


The idea behind MDR Lab is very far-sighted. Above the Law has described MDR Lab as Y Combinator for the legal tech sector, and from our experience, that’s not far off the mark.


The access to such a well-respected trademark practice has helped us build a suite of new features for LawPanel, which we’ll be releasing to the public later this year. Below you can see us adding marks straight from the register in a matter of seconds.



We’ve always thought that IP law is poised to benefit hugely from recent advances in technology, The MDR Lab has allowed us to represent the IP sector in the growing legal tech community.



We know that good software has the power to transform the life of IP professionals for the better, and it was exciting to spend time with lawyers who not only agreed but we’re excited about what we were doing.


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