The internet has become an integral part of our work, entertainment, and interactions with others. But last time you typed in a web address to access your email or social media of choice, did you think about how it all works? The web browser and applications you rely on daily impacts your speed, security, and

It’s Monday morning, and you sit at your desk covered in stacks of paperwork. You look over your never ending to-do list (sigh), check your hectic calendar, and remember that you have a meeting with that client you’ve not been looking forward to talking to. Your boss approaches your desk looking well rested after spending the

We’re thrilled to announce our new direct integration with MyCase, the leading legal case management software. MyCase was built specifically to support the workflows of law firms, and its user-friendly design is driven by the insights and feedback from the people who use MyCase daily. The user-centric design makes MyCase incredibly easy for lawyers and their

Prior to the pandemic, law firms were notoriously resistant to change, particularly when it came to implementing new technology. This is partly because of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude, but also due to barriers such as software that is non-intuitive, doesn’t easily integrate, or is difficult to use. In a survey

First impressions are everything, particularly for a law firm. When clients are choosing which firm to put their trust in, lawyers and attorneys must do everything in their power to create a high-quality experience. If not, you not only risk losing the client to one of your competitors, but also potential referrals down the line.Because

Running a small law firm definitely has its perks, but it also carries with it a bit of risk.One of those risks involves having different team members creating their own contracts. Poorly or loosely worded contracts or legal documents with outdated language can have far-reaching consequences, including negatively impacting your organization’s productivity and worse, opening

Drafting legal documentation is nothing new for lawyers and attorneys. You’ve gone through the courses, read the books, and put it all into practice. But there are some ‘flaws’ with legal writing that often result in a low-value, low-quality document that can damage your reputation and credibility. Bryan A. Garner, author of Legal Writing in Plain

The 40-hour work week is rare for many attorneys, particularly those who are part of a small firm or fly solo. While managing cases and deadlines for their clients, they also have to find the time for administrative tasks, including office admin, generating and sending invoices and collections. These may seem simple tasks, but the

As a lawyer, you may have people who work for you and who work with you. In our industry, these team members are often thought of as “cost centers” or “production centers”—not as people.But this view actually undersells the value your employees and coworkers can bring to your firm.Yes, balancing the costs and productivity of

Woodpecker founder and CEO, Alex Melehy, recently met with Bob Ambrogi as a guest on Bob’s How It Works series. How It Works is a series of short, sponsored videos in which Bob, a lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster, participates in hands-on product demos. During the demos, Bob asks the questions

Legal technology has huge benefits for modern-day lawyers, and it’s not just a Big Law thing. With their limited staff and resources, solo and small firm attorneys can actually reap some of the greatest rewards from legal tech. They can move more quickly to buy and implement new technology, creating a competitive advantage for their

Quick Wins for Automating Tasks in Your Law OfficeOverwhelm. An unpleasant word, but for many solo and small firm attorneys, seemingly a way of life. Without a large staff to back them up, these lawyers are often straining under the burden of all the small, routine tasks they need to handle. This situation is leading

Best Practices for Naming Files and FieldsStaying organized – a laudable goal, but often elusive for the busy attorney. And this problem goes beyond simple stacks of paper and overstuffed drawers in a law office. Organization for the modern-day lawyer means the ability to easily navigate saved computer files, digital documents, and databases. This means