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Traditional billing methods often result in revenue leakage due to unbilled hours, directly impacting the firm’s bottom line, and can strain client relationships, leading to disputes and loss of trust.

For firms, enforcing time tracking, and legal time management in general, is crucial for maintaining a positive cash flow, pricing services, accurate forecasting, and sound

Clients are increasingly looking for convenient, contactless payment options, and providing an easy-to-use mobile and online payment system can meet this need.

Law firms that don’t accept credit card payments are leaving revenue opportunities on the table. However, choosing the right credit card processing service has its challenges, such as high transaction fees and integration

Once the requirements of the law firm are understood, it is very clear why a generalized accounting solution may not be the best choice for your firm.

Law firms have unique accounting requirements — like being bound to a code of ethics to account for any funds held in trust on behalf of clients. It’s important to

With unique regulatory requirements, diverse billing models, and the need for precise financial management, law firms require a payment processing solution that’s tailored to their specific needs. A specialized attorney payment processing service, as opposed to a more generic solution, offers a host of benefits that go beyond mere transaction processing.

Why Choose an Attorney

Law firm compliance can be a burden to adhere to. But, legal practice management software (LPMS) goes a long way in alleviating some of the burden. It relieves you of the constant monitoring for regulatory changes, keeping your systems updated and ensuring that your firm is always in sync with the latest compliance requirements.


No doubt you’ve heard the old phrase, “Harmony is achieved when everyone is singing from the same song sheet.” The same is true of billing – when everyone knows the rules, there are fewer questions and challenges during an engagement. 

Implementing clear legal billing guidelines is crucial for effectively managing client relationships and avoiding unnecessary

Relentless incrementalism embodies the concept of making consistent, gradual advancements in technology, recognizing that rapid innovation without proper integration can lead to inefficiencies and unrealized potential.

As Voltaire once noted, “perfect is the enemy of good,” and this sentiment resonates deeply in the realm of law firm technology adoption.  

In this always-evolving landscape of technology,

Implementing an effective attorney referral strategy can open up additional revenue streams for law firms.

Referrals, and how much your attorney referral fees are, play a strategic role in increasing your law firm’s total profitability. Their importance extends beyond just expanding a firm’s clientele base, creating a ripple effect of benefits — from increasing the ROI

By providing the option of payment plans, law firms can experience improved cash flow, enhanced client satisfaction, and a competitive edge in today’s market.

Offering payment flexibility has become a paramount consideration for law firms. Clients increasingly demand options that align with their financial situations, and embracing attorney payment plans can be a strategic advantage.

The primary difference between flat fee and hourly billing lies in their predictability and their reflection of work complexity.

The legal industry, in recent years, has witnessed a seismic shift towards the adoption of “flat fee billing”, an alternative to the traditional “hourly rate billing.” This trend has emerged in response to client demands for

With a thoughtful approach and the right financial solutions, law firms can not only survive these slower periods but thrive, ensuring consistent cash flow and financial stability year-round. 

Most businesses keenly understand the ebb and flow of seasonal cycles. Service companies like air conditioning contractors, vacation travel firms, resorts and airlines see peak business during

Setting the right billing rates for your law firm is crucial for your success. It’s not just about being competitive; it’s also about ensuring profitability while considering market realities, such as prevailing rates, your firm’s reputation, and your clients’ ability to pay. In this blog, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when determining your

The key to managing a profitable business is keeping track of the crucial financial data and insights that will assist in decision-making.

If you are reading the headlines and wondering how to generate growth at your law firm in the face of economic headwinds, don’t assume it will be impossible. The good news is it’s