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We are full speed ahead on 2023 goals, and 2022 is already in the rearview mirror. What a year it was! As a team we looked back on the year’s accomplishments, weighing your feedback and reviews, and the result is a list of Zola users’ favorite updates and new features from 2022.
Client Texting

The Fall Zola product update is packed with new, and much anticipated features. Keep reading to learn how you can improve your workflow, and your client experience, directly within Zola Suite.

Client texting dashboard
Client Texting: Keep the conversation going directly from Zola Suite
Zola Suite client texting allows Zola users to communicate with clients

  Clients are more likely than ever to change firms if their current counsel does not prioritize security.  
When news breaks about businesses being hacked, it usually focuses on big social media or technology companies like Facebook or Microsoft. However, experts say cyber criminals also consider government agencies, financial institutions and law firms to

  Creating a management migration plan can help ensure a successful migration.  
Legal management software is essential to the functionality of your law firm. Managing and prioritizing legal tasks for your team can be a daunting task without it – but, updating your software can be daunting as well. After relying on the same

  Even the best cloud-based practice management system could fall flat if your legal team doesn’t support the platform or understand how to use it.  
If your law firm’s current technology solution isn’t working, it’s time to consider an end-to-end solution that will cater to all your business needs. When your firm has decided

  Modern legal clients move quickly and want their attorneys to have both the technology and the technical know-how they expect.  
Today’s legal clients demand high-quality service from their attorneys, particularly regarding technology. Using the latest legal technology typically makes an attorney more efficient, accurate and productive, resulting in happier clients and more time

  Being organized should be a firm initiative and everyone in the law firm needs to embrace increased organization.  
Attorneys work in a very high-stress environment and oftentimes feel they must always be the expert in the room. Embracing organization can not only make repetitive tasks more efficient, but also reduce stress. Well-organized attorneys

  “The client demands convenience…There are much more flexible ways to offer e-payments to clients and the clients expect them.”  
Billing is an integral part of running the business that is your law practice. That’s why having legal practice management software with robust billing and accounting features is so important to day-to-day operations of

  Optimizing your law firm for the new year is integral to the overall health of your business, and it’s never too early to start planning.  
Let’s face it: remote work is here to stay. It doesn’t matter if you’re going into an office every day or meeting in-person with colleagues a few days

  You might want to consider legal automation, which optimizes technology to automate certain tasks and free up more time to do what your team does best: provide client service.  
Automation can be defined in many ways by many industries; however, it doesn’t always have to apply to complex procedures like robotic process automation

  With organizations’ workforces spread across various locations – homes, offices, and remote settings – strengthening relationships between employers and employees has become an even greater priority.  
For attorneys, missing a deadline is no laughing matter. Depending on the jurisdiction, rules and the judge, sanctions might be a stern admonishment by the judge, an

  With organizations’ workforces spread across various locations – homes, offices, and remote settings – strengthening relationships between employers and employees has become an even greater priority.  
Now that most mask mandates and mandatory quarantines have been lifted, law firms are increasingly being faced with decisions regarding employee flexibility. Those that adapt and change

  Today’s growing cybersecurity threat environment has many firms feeling besieged, but an effective modern response is available that protects hybrid cloud and remote work scenarios with an adaptable mesh rather than an impregnable wall.  
A siege mentality has long pervaded attempts to secure IT networks, encrypt data, and control access to a law