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The Littler International Library provides an overview of workplace laws and regulations for 47 countries and territories. The Spring 2022 Update includes the addition of Ecuador and Portugal. Written by selected attorneys and scholars from around the globe, including Littler attorneys, the Littler International Library tracks the employment life cycle in a question-and-answer format, covering more than 90 workplace law topics under 14 categories.

Courtroom5 Partners with Fastcase to Provide Unbundled Legal Services to Self-Represented Litigants
Durham, N.C. and Washington, DC (April 27, 2022) – Courtroom5, a digital- and artificial intelligence-based platform that provides resources for pro se litigants (appearing in civil court without a lawyer), is partnering with Fastcase, a comprehensive, nationwide law library, that includes case law, statutes,

In Search of Insurance Resources to Inform Your Practice? We’ve Got You Covered!

If your practice ever touches on issues relating to insurance, the following resources from Fastcase will be essential to navigating this complex area of law. 

Insurance Law Deskbook
​​​​​​The Insurance Law Deskbook is intended to help law students, practitioners, insurance lawyers,

Company Adds Timeline Visualization of Dockets and New Pleadings Tags, Powered by Technology from Judicata and Fastcase and Using SALI Open Data Standards
Washington, DC (March 7, 2021) – Docket Alarm by Fastcase today announced a major software update that includes analytics for how often federal pleadings and motions are granted, and how long different judges

What is is a leading provider of on-demand legal research and writing services and has been a trusted partner of litigation firms for over 40 years. With its experienced team of licensed attorneys working across the United States, is recognized for its expertise, quality, and responsive to its customers. can support

Fastcase Legal News Division Adds Mergers, Acquisitions, and Finance Feed, With Free Links to Source Documents in New Alliance
Washington, DC and New York, NY (October 26, 2021) – Fastcase and Matterhorn Transactions announced today that market terms of mergers and acquisitions and related transaction data and analytics from Matterhorn’s technology will be powering Law Street