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This deposition preparation checklist is an essential tool for attorneys to tackle depositions with minimal roadblocks and guide their witnesses to successful testimony. After the review and production phases of discovery are complete, a lot of people must collaboratively work with produced evidence to prepare a strong case. Keeping them coordinated is often a challenge,

Noted ediscovery consultant Brett Burney has joined Nextpoint’s team of legal experts as our eLaw Evangelist. With Brett, we will continue to spark new conversations in the ever-evolving field of legal tech and share our extensive legal knowledge and insights with all law-kind. Brett wrote one the first reviews of Nextpoint software over 10 years

Technology can be a curse or a comfort for lawyers. It promises to make you more efficient, but who has the time to learn it all? (And doesn’t that take away from the sacred billable hour?) Integrating the right tools for calendars, communication, invoicing, document management, and ediscovery is absolutely vital to a healthy and

This small firm was thrown into an expedited ediscovery process, so they sought help from Nextpoint to win their case. After a food manufacturer fired their lawyer in a federal intellectual property case, Lauren Handel’s two-person firm was brought in as substitute counsel. Lauren was thrown into the case just before an expedited ediscovery request