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Being a startup, revenues are important. But, some situations are larger than us all. FirmTRAK just so happens to be very helpful for law firms navigating a remote workforce…especially if this is new to your work culture.

The only right thing to do is offer our KPI reporting FREE for at least the next 30

RE: For Immediate Release – 30 Day Free OfferRichard Marvel, CEO

As more state governments are requesting that people stay home and work remotely, firmTRAK wants to help those attorneys who will need to effectively run their firms through non-traditional methods.

We are offering any firm the use of our platform free for 30 days

A year ago we were at the ABA Techshow in Chicago with an idea and a dream.  Thanks to your votes, we are headed back as a finalist presenting our idea of becoming a worldwide leader in law firm reporting.  Our main goal is to see law firms succeed beyond their wildest dreams and we

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the
Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median salary of an attorney for 2018 was
$120,918.  This breaks down to a median
of $58.13 per hour.  The median salary for
2017 was $119,250.  This breaks down to a
median of $57.33 per hour. 

As costs grow

Introducing the FirmTRAK Productivity Panel on Profitability

A study by CBI Insights stated that 42% of businesses fail due to a lack of market.  Similarly, many law firms start down a path of low profitability due to not being able to see what markets represent the largest number of matters.  On the flipside, many firms

Each person has 24 hours in a day. What you do with those 24 hours can determine the success or failure of your firm.

Actually, that’s not true. It’s what you bill for those hours that can determine the success or failure of your firm.

Actually, that’s not entirely true either. The truth is that

As trends indicate, 2019 was the year to
really focus on a customer service oriented firm.  With the abundance of attorneys competing for
cases and the advent of more competition from online attorney referral
services, it’s more important than ever to keep your clients informed of the
status of their case in a timely manner

One of the most common grounds for a
malpractice lawsuit against an attorney is in regard to negligence.  Negligence can commonly be grouped into two
categories:  The attorney ignores the client and
his or her case for extended periods of time or a case is dismissed because the
attorney failed to meet crucial deadlines.