Since we began in 2012, Legal Hackers has been guided by a singular mission: creating a free, open, and collaborative platform to explore and solve pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Today, as the largest grassroots legal innovation movement in the world, Legal Hackers is excited to partner with LexBlog to create a virtual home for each of our 80+ chapters.

This partnership will enable Legal Hackers chapters to better share the amazing things that their local communities have been doing, from legaltech demo nights, coding workshops, and hackathons, to policy discussions on hot-button issues related to artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, the sharing economy, and more.

With help from the LexBlog platform and community, we hope to inspire legal innovators throughout the world to try “legal hacking” for themselves. We look forward to an enduring and productive collaboration with LexBlog, and thank Kevin, Bob, and the LexBlog team for supporting and amplifying our mission.

Jameson Dempsey, Phil Weiss, Lauren Mack, and Rebecca Williams
Legal Hackers Board of Directors