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Since Legal Hackers organizers were not able to safely gather together for our annual summit this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked our chapter organizers to share their reflections on the Legal Hackers community using the hashtag #LegalHack2020. Below are some of the submissions we received:
Patrícia Mirella Costa Araújo from Imperatriz Legal Hackers:

As the world continues to fight the current health crisis caused by COVID-19 by requiring social distancing and restricting travel, Legal Hackers wants to remind our community that today, more than ever, we can use technology to stay connected and help each other. We are all in this together, and so Legal Hackers chapters from all

The Hamburg Legal Hackers chapter has gotten off to a great start! Co-organizer Dalia Moniat sends us the following report on the Hamburg chapter’s most recent event:
The 5th Hamburg Legal Hackers Meetup took place on August 9, 2018 at Hogan Lovells with about 70 participants from various law firms, companies and universities on the

Since we began in 2012, Legal Hackers has been guided by a singular mission: creating a free, open, and collaborative platform to explore and solve pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Today, as the largest grassroots legal innovation movement in the world, Legal Hackers is excited to partner with LexBlog to create a virtual

2017 marks five years since a handful of recently graduated law students in New York City started a Meetup group called “Legal Hackers” that sought to bring lawyers, technologists, and policy makers together to discuss issues at the intersection of law and technology. Since then, the movement grew quickly — from a second chapter in

On August 4-6, 2017, legal hackers from all over the world convened in Brooklyn, NY where Legal Hackers was born 5 years ago for our third international summit. Participants traveled from as far as Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine to discuss, share, and collaborate on how to improve access to and the practice of law

On December 14, 2016, the New York Legal Hackers chapter hosted a non-partisan panel discussion on what the state of technology policy might be over the next four years under President-Elect Trump. Watch the video below:

Oz SultanFormer CounterTerrorism Policy and Smart Cities Advisor, Trump Campaign
Kristian Stout – Associate Director for

On July 15-17, 2016, legal hackers from all over the world traveled to Brooklyn, New York for the 2016 Legal Hackers International Summit. The hashtag for the summit was #legalhack2016, and the Saturday’s activities were live streamed. Schedule and videos are below.
Legal Hackers: Where We Are and Where We’re Going
Jameson Dempsey, Kelley

In a lively panel discussion on March 2nd, the New York Legal Hackers explored the shifting perceptions of Bitcoin and the various regulatory regimes impacting cryptocurrencies. Over the past several years, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have made headlines — first as an untraceable currency used largely by criminals, then as an easily lost asset as exchanges such