RE: For Immediate Release – 30 Day Free Offer
Richard Marvel, CEO

As more state governments are requesting that people stay home and work remotely, firmTRAK wants to help those attorneys who will need to effectively run their firms through non-traditional methods.

We are offering any firm the use of our platform free for 30 days with no obligation while we all adjust to the new normal of our pandemic situation.

Many firms already have Clio or PracticePanther as cloud-based practice management software programs. Those are great foundational programs.

FirmTRAK works on top of those programs to identify key business drivers so that you can properly manage your workforce and business.

FirmTRAK will allow you to easily see what matters are aging and need attention, along with a timeline of the past activity for all firm members.

In regard to the reporting of utilization, realization, and collections, we realize that not everyone works an 8 hour day, especially under the circumstances we now find ourselves in. FirmTRAK will allow a law firm to customize actual workday schedules, so that you can see true productivity. If someone works four hours per day, three days per week, firmTRAK can account for this and adjust metrics accordingly.

Should you decide to streamline your services and make crucial decisions during this difficult time, FirmTRAK also identifies your key revenue drivers.

Here’s a video demo that shows more:

With everyone’s schedules and lives in flex over the next few weeks, it’s important to be able to accurately track and measure the productivity of your firm.

Here at firmTRAK, we want to help you. We would be honored to stand by you and your firm during this difficult time. To take advantage of this program, please send an email to our Chief Operating Officer, Justin Olson, at

Thank you,
Richard Marvel

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