Legal News Service Adds Agriculture Coverage, Analytics, and Alerts Center


Washington, DC – (May 28, 2020) Law Street Media, Fastcase’s industry-focused legal news service, today launched two additions to the service – an Alerts Center and an Agriculture section. Both are now available to all Law Street Media (LSM) subscribers at no additional fee, and without paywalls. LSM provides legal news for free, enabling readers to access full articles, court filings, and additional background materials related to specific industries.


Beginning today, the Agriculture news section is available on the site’s home page as well as in daily newsletter form, similar to the popular Technology legal news section. The Agriculture section features emerging litigation topics such as farming, food, tobacco, and cannabis. It covers wide-ranging subjects such as agriculture policy at the FDA and USDA, pioneering litigation involving the cannabis industry, environmental and land use coverage, and the growth of cutting-edge agricultural technologies. Each of the industry sections leverage Docket Alarm’s wealth of real-time docket, litigation, and analytics information to create legal news that generates business for its users.


“We wanted our second industry news feed to be about meat and potatoes litigation – literally, so our bar partners across the country and their members can see how tracking filed litigation leads to new business,” said Fastcase President Phil Rosenthal.


In addition to the new Agriculture section, LSM has developed and launched the Docket Alarm Alerts and Analytics Center. This new feature provides a sidebar on every LSM story involving litigation that links to searches for relevant parties, law firms, and judges within Docket Alarm. Readers can view search results and set new alerts in seconds. Subscribers need a Docket Alarm account to set email alerts, conduct further research, and access robust analytics, but can view the search results for free. This enriches existing and future LSM content with even more docket data, in addition to the access to complaints LSM already provides at no charge.


Combining Law Street’s news with Docket Alarm’s analytics furthers LSM’s goal of providing news that leads to business. Users can easily set alerts to track companies they’re interested in or follow competing law firms. 


Recent stories include coverage of antitrust concerns in the dairy and meatpacking industries, high-stakes cannabis cases, and coverage of agriculture giants.


“We are eager to see how subscribers will use the new Alerts Center and the Agriculture section to enhance their book of business,” said David Nayer, Editor in Chief of Law Street Media. “We want to provide up-to-the-minute legal news in ways people can use. It’s timely that we’re opening the Agriculture section and Alerts Center now, while our world is finding its new normal, and its especially relevant to those in food production, food service, and supply chains that impact each of us.”


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