The Littler International Libraries provides an overview of workplace laws and regulations of more than 40 countries and territories. Written by selected attorneys and scholars from around the globe, as well as Littler attorneys, the Littler International Libraries track the employment life cycle in a question-and-answer format, covering over 90 workplace law topics under 13 categories. Each Guide provides responses to the same questions, facilitating comparison across jurisdictions.

Littler International Libraries are available within the Fastcase legal research application. Enjoy the benefits of searching Littler International Libraries alongside a comprehensive primary law database, along with industry-leading analytical tools. With an annual subscription to the Littler International Guide titles of your choice, there is no need to purchase new editions each time an update is published. Your Guide will be automatically updated within the Fastcase legal research platform.
​​​Each of the 42 titles of the Littler International Guide titles are available for $30 each. To purchase individual guides: 1. Login to the Fastcase legal research application. 2. Click “Browse Libraries,” 3. Scroll down to Littler Mendelson International Library, under Secondary Materials.

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A bundle of all 42 titles in the Littler International Guide is available for $1,000, offering a savings of 20% on each title. Email to learn more.