We all know it has been an extraordinarily tough 12 months. This most
recent lockdown has bought more economic gloom – the news that the
economy is currently set to shrink 4.2 percent in the first three months of
2021 and that we are experiencing the worst rate of unemployment since
2016, is yet another bitter pill to swallow. But Spring IS just around the
corner with its literal and metaphorical green shoots and promise of better
days to come for small business.
The recent analysis by the Bank of England’s chief economist Andy Haldane that the UK economy is like a “coiled spring” ready to release large amounts of “pent-up financial energy” has to be positive. Whilst small businesses have undoubtedly been amongst some of the hardest hit during the pandemic, assurance must be taken from Haldane and other economists’ predictions that the vaccine programme has brought a new confidence in the UK that will lead to a sharp rebound in economic growth. We want to see the UK literally firing on all cylinders by the Spring.
If predictions come true how well placed is your business to spring back? Are
you one of those companies which have saved cash during the crisis and are
ready to invest in boosting your performance and productivity as restrictions
start to ease? Even if you haven’t, can you afford not to be in the best
position possible to take advantage of this spring?
Automating more of your business we believe is the key. Spending time
reflecting on the past year and really observing how you could do things
better will have an enormous effect on growth this Spring and beyond.
Improve accuracy through automation and at the same time empower your
staff by taking away the “time-rich, imagination-poor” but nonetheless
important daily tasks. Routine documents such as order processing,
contracts, T&Cs, agreements, licences all become automated also saving you
time – our customers tell us up to 75%. Replace your staff time with tech –
free up their time to do something more valuable than cutting and pasting
into a spreadsheet or sending out endless emails.
Due to its prohibitive expense and technical complexity, the power of
automation used to be unavailable to most but the largest of corporates.
With AUTTO the great news for small business this Spring is that this is no
longer the case. With AUTTO you can automate in a few hours with our
simple no code platform. You can take your unique business processes and,
build them up using Autto’s actions like lego building blocks, so you can
easily automate them. With Autto you can do this for less than half the
monthly minimum wage so the cost is no longer exorbitant.
With AUTTO small business can start saving valuable time and money within
a matter of weeks – just in time for Spring!

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