Modernizing your law practice management software is an enticing — and strategic — end goal. Whether that means moving your firm’s data from a server to the cloud or upgrading to an all-in-one law firm management and growth platform, you can significantly enhance efficiency and client service with modern software.

But all the features within

The usage of artificial intelligence has entered the legal field, and it will change the way attorneys and law firms operate for good. Now is the time to create a roadmap for adopting AI to make sure your firm is ready. Integrating this leading-edge technology can create benefits for your firm and clients, and you’ll

Basic reporting functionality isn’t enough to help law firms unlock the full potential of their data. Today’s law firms need robust reporting tools that help law firm leaders extract actionable insights, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall performance. And they need tools that align with their strategic priorities and operational requirements.

Six reporting capabilities can

In most law firms, efficiency, productivity, and profitability are measured in ticks of the clock. Yet while time tracking is a law firm’s lifeblood, it’s also the bane of timekeepers’ existence. Many attorneys still track their time manually and wait till the last minute to figure out where all the hours went. By that point,

Efficiency and precision are the hallmarks of legal billing software. Having the right tools can make the difference in streamlined processes and faster collections. But while most legal billing software can help you accomplish these goals, top-of-the-line legal billing tools go above and beyond with a comprehensive suite of features that transform the way your

Accounting is one of the most tedious and stressful parts of running a law firm. Thank goodness there’s technology to handle some of the most burdensome tasks. If you’ve already got a practice management application that handles your accounting, it is taking care of every task it possibly could? Is it maximizing your time? If

As the year’s end approaches, it’s time for law firms to close their books and start end-of-year audits. This annual task ensures that accounts are balanced and sets the stage for a financially sound start to the new year. However, this process can be stressful if your law firm doesn’t follow accounting best practices.