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Lawyers are paid for the time they spend on casework, whether it’s consultations, case meetings, or court appearances. Administrative tasks, such as balancing the books, organizing files, answering phone calls, or addressing marketing strategy can take up a significant portion of the day – all in non-billable time. In fact, administrative burdens are so cumbersome

It can be difficult to improve law firm productivity when so many lawyers and legal professionals are often overwhelmed and struggle to manage their day-to-day. While they’re certainly busy, sometimes bad habits can get in the way of effective task management and can hinder real work from being accomplished.

Legal professionals are always up against the clock – there’s always more that can be done in a day, but not enough time to do it all. As a result, many lawyers just put in the time instead of finding more efficient methods, like digital time tracking. The most common challenges law firms face are

Marketing campaigns to generate leads are a significant investment for many law firms. In return, they expect their law firm marketing ROI tactics to produce higher client conversions and be worth the investment of time. Unfortunately, some firms lack the lead capture capability to nurture leads, wasting their marketing spend.

Goal-setting is a key professional skill that all lawyers need to master in order to achieve client satisfaction, career growth, and meaningful life accomplishments. Every lawyer should take the time to identify ways to improve their professional skills and set achievable goals that will help them reach their fullest potential. While there are many goal-setting

Task management for lawyers can be difficult. Many lawyers struggle to prioritize and manage their overflowing to-do lists because everything they do feels important—and it is.
Between phone calls, emails, depositions, hearings and meetings there are dozens of tasks clamoring for their attention every day. Juggling multiple clients and pressing deadlines can make it hard

It can be an ongoing effort to get clients to pay their invoices faster or even just on time. Clients run on a different timeline than your firm, so they may not understand the moving parts involved in your billing department. Before you start placing blame, you need to step back and analyze what obstacles

Improving time management for lawyers is an important but underdeveloped skill. It’s true, lawyers are busy. However, they tend to take on more work than they can realistically handle. This is especially true when it comes to their colleagues. You never want to disappoint your colleagues so, when they ask for help, you do your

In the legal industry, selling is viewed with disdain, yet rainmakers are treated with reverence and care. They’re the golden goose their firm fights to protect. This situation is a common problem for firms. Rainmaking without selling seems impossible. It looks like the kind of thing a snake oil salesman would peddle to their clients. Not

Customer service for law firms is key to generating and retaining a strong book of business. Many firms believe providing great service stops at winning a case, but for clients, it’s much more than that. Taking the time to evaluate your processes to ensure you ‘wow’ each of your clients will yield a greater return

If you want to attract loyal clients to your law firm, you need to showcase the value and services your firm can offer beyond the matter at hand. This means that just because a client came to you for a labor and employment matter, you should highlight other areas you specialize in like, immigration services.

Taking steps to increase law firm profitability is always in the back of lawyers minds but their daily responsibilities can quickly take up the need to focus on growing their business. However, it doesn’t have to be time consuming to enhance profitability. These 4 strategies can easily be implemented all at once or at your