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When you became a lawyer, you probably didn’t realize how much time you’d spend on billing and other administrative work.  While billing can be time-consuming, it’s your processes that determine how much of your non-billable time is allocated towards it. 

The secret to a successful law firm is keeping a close eye on its performance. Law firms that consistently track their key performance metrics can determine where to scale for growth and identify other areas for improvement. Whether it’s daily, monthly, or quarterly, keeping a pulse on key business metrics can help law firms make

A username and password are enough for many sites. This single-factor authentication is often used for retailers and other sites, but more sensitive information that’s guarded on a bank site or email will often require or suggest two-factor authentication. Hackers can access a lot of information with just a username and password, including a social

A business can’t run smoothly without a consistent process, proper legal project management, and work allocation among staff. In law firms, tasks can originate from many sources — clients, partners, or firm management. How these tasks are distributed typically depends on specialization, skill, and time sensitivity. Unfortunately, what’s not mentioned in this list is bandwidth.

Attracting and hiring young talent is a big investment for a law firm. After going through the process of recruiting, screening, hiring, and training candidates, it’s important for law firms to do all they can to keep lawyers in the long term. If a young lawyer is brought in and leaves for better opportunities, law

Lawyers often struggle with time management. Perhaps it’s from taking on too much, or lack of resources to keep them better organized. Whatever the cause, adopting effective time management techniques can help lawyers be more productive throughout the day and increase their billable hours. Many tools are available to enhance law firm productivity and time

Businesses use needs assessments to identify the gaps between the current state of operations and the desired business results. Needs assessment for law firms can be used to identify and correct skills gaps and reach business goals. In addition, needs assessments can be used to provide better balance in law firms and keep top talent

Those new to the legal profession or fresh out of law school tend to think that success comes from high billable hours, working hard, and serving clients well. While those things are important, more and more lawyers are learning that they need to firm up their networking skills to generate business for their firm as

The best way to manage lawyer burnout is to identify it early on, which is easier said than done. Lawyers are up against constant deadlines, long hours, and never-ending requests for time. In addition, law firms have constant burdens and strict requirements that create a high-stress environment.

A legal blog has a ton of value for law firms looking to improve their legal marketing and drive new customers to their website. Prospective clients often search for legal topics to familiarize themselves before consulting an attorney, and if a law firm can provide that information, that puts them at the forefront of the