In the intricate realm of legal practice, compliance is the bedrock upon which the edifice of trust and ethics rests. Attorneys at small law firms are increasingly cognizant of the importance of legal compliance in time tracking. This practice extends beyond mere efficiency; it safeguards against potential legal pitfalls. In […]

Whether you’re looking at law schools, currently studying law, or mere weeks from graduation, you might have wondered how to start a law firm right after law school. There are approximately 1.33 million people actively practicing law, according to the American Bar Association. Of these, roughly 26% of those attorneys (345,800) are solo practitioners, according

Law firms are ethically obligated to protect their clients’ data. Any information a client shares with their attorney should remain confidential. However, a cybersecurity attack can compromise the client’s private information, allowing hackers to leverage this data for financial gain. Role-based access control can help avoid the fallout of a worst-case scenario situation.

Your law firm might be tempted to cut costs by purchasing a limited insurance policy. However, investing in the right combination of law firm insurance policies could benefit your legal practice financially in the long run.