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eDiscovery is a crucial part of modern court cases. Today’s correspondence, documents, and other pieces of evidence are often stored in electronic formats, as our culture continues to shift digital. Docket Alarm supports eDiscovery vendors that are looking for law firm and attorney leads with upcoming eDiscovery deadlines. Let’s walk through what eDiscovery is and

Analytics Just Got EasierOne-click analytics have made it easier than ever to quickly create analytics for any Firm, Judge, Attorney, or Party. ​​​​​ Find detailed analytics on those three categories with just a few clicks. These analytics will provide insight to support your firm’s unique strategy and business development. The analytics below were generated by one

 Synchronize court deadlines with your team’s Outlook calendars.Docket Alarm’s calendar feature automatically extracts deadlines from judge’s orders making it easy for you to add them to multiple calendars in 1-click.  This feature combines the most state-of-the-art docket research platform with a robust set of court rules to calculate any deadline. Easily calculate upcoming deadlines

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Docket Alarm Expands Coverage With Data From PAIRDocket Alarm has expanded its coverage to U.S. Patent Application prosecution history from the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system and all of the underlying documents.The Docket Alarm team will be showcasing the PAIR addition at the upcoming AIPLA 2019 Annual Meeting on October 24-26th in Washington, D.C.“If a

New Feature Aids Litigation by Exporting and Extracting Deadlines from DocketsWashington, DC (March 14, 2019) – Docket Alarm by Fastcase, a leader in litigation analytics and docket research, today debuted “deadline display” – a new docket feature that extracts and exports deadlines from dockets. Docket Alarm now identifies deadlines from dockets and automatically displays them

A New Category of Tools for the Growing Class of “Makers” in U.S. Law FirmsWashington, DC (July 5, 2018) – Docket Alarm by Fastcase, a leader in litigation analytics and data-based judicial profiles, has released the Analytics Workbench, a new category of legal analytics tools. The Analytics Workbench allows attorneys, librarians, litigation support professionals, and