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Running a law practice in isn’t easy. The day-to-day tasks involved in running a successful law firm – including tracking deadlines, staying on top of client communications, overseeing your firm’s finances, and business development – can take up significant amounts of time. If your firm doesn’t have processes in place that streamline law firm management,

For law firms, streamlined, effective legal billing software is incredibly important, since the more efficient your firm’s billing processes are, the more quickly your firm will get paid. When legal billing processes run smoothly, invoicing legal clients can be a painless – and fruitful – endeavor. But if your firm is relying on clunky, antiquated

We’re excited to announce the release of rules-based calendaring in MyCase! With this new integration, you can spend less time managing deadlines and more time on what really matters.
Why Rules-Based Calendaring?
Calculating deadlines manually takes a lot of time and can lead to errors, and missed deadlines can lead to malpractice. To complicate matters

If nothing else, 2020 and 2021 have been years to remember. In a very short timeframe, the world has been through unprecedented change on so many fronts, and more is yet to come.
Not surprisingly, the legal profession has not been immune, and lawyers and their firms have been impacted in many different ways. Work-from-home

No matter how you look at it, the pandemic had – and continues to have – a significant impact on the legal profession and the practice of law. Some of the effects were welcome, including technology and change adoption, while others were less so, not the least of which was the unexpected stress and disruption

Some days, it almost seems as if the pandemic is behind us. But it’s not. We’re not quite out of the woods yet, although the pandemic’s effects are lessening each day. And you know what that means: the return to the office in one form or another is imminent, despite the unpredictability of the pandemic’s

As the pandemic begins to recede and we move into the “new normal,” cybersecurity is top of mind for most lawyers. This is because during the pandemic, sophisticated phishing and ransomware schemes were on the rise as bad actors took advantage of businesses with unexpectedly dispersed workforces. Because many companies, including law firms, were unprepared

Convenience is the driving factor for consumer decision-making in the modern economy. For law firms that want to compete, delivering an intake program that respects the emphasis consumers place on convenience is essential. Oftentimes, convenience is driven by systems, which must rely on consistency and speed. Not only do law firm systems provide a hedge