Effective client communication is the foundation of a successful client-attorney relationship. But, the way people talk and connect to each other has changed significantly in the online age, and many of today’s clients prefer the speed and convenience of digital communication like text message, email, or chat over a phone call.
Unlike in other industries,

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is not a fleeting trend, but a critical tool reshaping the future of the legal profession. Embracing this technological revolution is imperative for lawyers and legal professionals who aim to remain competitive and relevant. 
Recent statistics underscore this urgency: A Wolters Kluwer report reveals that 73% of surveyed lawyers plan to

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just the tech buzzword of the decade but a transformative force reshaping industries worldwide. AI expands far beyond unlocking your smartphone with a glance or tracking the journey of your lunch order. 
How does AI fit into the stringent, compliance-driven world of law? The answer lies in harnessing the power

That’s a wrap! As 2023 winds to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back on our New Year’s resolutions. At MyCase, our goal is always to help legal professionals build profitable law firms and free up time to focus on serving their clients. This “North Star” prompted us to expand MyCase functionality, deliver

In the fast-paced world of law, technology plays a pivotal role in getting ahead of the competition. A typical day of a legal professional involves many time-consuming tasks to manage caseloads, conduct research, keep up marketing efforts, and provide a positive client experience. With modern technology, much of this tedious work can be streamlined. But

You need capital to start a new law firm, but how much, exactly? There are different answers to this question. You could take an ultra-budget approach that involves networking, fielding phone calls from your personal cell, working from home, and using an existing laptop. 
Unfortunately, avoiding too many costs can backfire later. Without setting up

It’s fair to say that lawyers are generally perceived to be “skilled” professionals. In courtroom dramas, lawyers are depicted as being articulate, intelligent, and competent – and we’re sure as (totally unbiased) legal professionals yourself, you’ll agree!
But what do these competencies actually consist of? What specific skills do you need to be a lawyer,

In the fiercely competitive legal landscape, an effective marketing strategy is key to success. Every client interaction matters, from the first client call to the final case resolution. Additionally, keeping case and client details organized from the get-go helps your firm provide an elevated client experience and increase productivity. This is where the MyCase and

Whether you’re brand new to practicing law or a seasoned pro, effective legal research is one of the cornerstones of being a successful lawyer. Throughout your career, legal research skills can help you stay abreast of evolving precedent. 
However, it’s not just the law itself that’s changing but many of the methods for conducting legal

In the legal industry, document creation and management are an indispensable part of the daily grind. Whether it’s contracts, deeds, agreements, invoices, letters, wills, policies, or any other array of documents—they all require a decent amount of work and time to generate, review, and process. 
Managing these documents is an essential and time-consuming task. That’s

Criminal justice technology is a popular topic, thanks in part to television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Unfortunately, Hollywood’s depiction of criminal justice tech, while exciting, only tells part of the story. Beyond flashy displays and digital crime scene recreations, there are also technology tools that help criminal defense lawyers provide better, more

Managing a legal firm is the same as running any other business. You need clients to keep the lights on, and that means you need a system for finding new clients. 
There are many ways of doing this—word of mouth, for instance—but among the most reliable is establishing a lead generation pipeline. If you do