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“Virtual assistants” is simultaneously one of the most trending and confusable terms of the last ten years. Ask a fellow attorney or friend to define it. Everyone gives a different explanation—ranging from the pre-recorded phone greetings you hear when you call your pharmacy to the remote worker drafting your Facebook posts to the work-from-home paralegal

Were you looking for a list of the best websites for lawyers in 2022? This is not that post. Wondering what the best websites for attorneys do right in 2022? You’re in the right place.
Why Should a Law Firm Have a Website?
People expect to find information about you and your law firm online.

If you’re a litigator, your practice revolves around court deadlines. From criminal cases and personal injury matters to commercial litigation and class action lawsuits, there are many different deadlines to keep track of and conform to. 
In litigation, missing a deadline isn’t an option since the end result could lead to penalties, such as court

If you are like me, selling is not part of your DNA. Attending law school was a way to become a professional rather than a stepping stone to a career in business and, as a result, you didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about where to get first-time clients.
How to Get Clients for

Law firm content marketing can be one of the most valuable ways to earn attention from potential clients and convert them into new clients. Unfortunately, most attorney website content doesn’t resonate with the intended target audience and hasn’t been optimized for search engines (SEO) and social media.
What is Content Marketing for Law Firms?


Today is an exciting day at MyCase. 
Since our inception in 2010, we’ve come a long way. From the company’s size to product offerings, we’ve grown in leaps and bounds. 
But when you experience rapid growth, some things inadvertently fall off the priority list. Brand management was one of them. However, we decided it was

Law firm credit card processing techniques are becoming a gold standard for reducing payment delays and enhancing cash flow. Adopting a modern credit card processing system will give your office an edge by offering greater accounts receivable success percentages and improved workflow efficiency.
What makes for a sound attorney credit card processing system? One that

For many law firms, getting paid promptly can be a challenge because clients aren’t always prepared to retain an attorney when an unexpected legal matter arises. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem: get your firm an online payment processing software. 
How Do Online Payments Benefit My Firm? 
21st-century payment processing tools make it

Legal marketing is not something most lawyers like to think about, but it’s an essential part of running a successful law firm. After all, you can’t possibly practice law without clients.
Word of mouth is no longer enough to bring in new business. Law firms must continually update their marketing strategies to stay productive and

Law firms gather a ton of data on a daily basis, but is your firm using it to make more informed data-driven decisions?
Data when applied correctly will clearly point to the steps to be taken to set your firm up for long-term success. In this virtual workshop: “How to Make the Most of Your