Many legal professionals find it difficult to accurately keep track of all case-related time, which often results in billable time slipping through the tracks and revenue left on the table. Time tracking can be particularly difficult to manage when you may be working on your laptop or desktop for some tasks and on your mobile device for others. MyCase and Time Miner have come together to present a solution to this challenge and help lawyers ensure they are paid for every billable minute. 

What is Time Miner?

Time Miner is an innovative retroactive time-tracking and billing automation tool for lawyers. Developed by attorneys, TimerMiner addresses the challenge of capturing all billable time effectively. This tool ensures that lawyers log all billable activities they’ve done, including any communication done on their mobile devices. By delving into smartphone call and text history, it simplifies the intricate task of tracking all time dedicated to a case, ensuring that lawyers can bill with precision. 

Law firms can use Time Miner to customize billing rates for different communication types, enabling automated calculations for billable time entries. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent analysis of mobile interactions, Time Miner enables legal professionals to efficiently and accurately time-track and bill.

How Does the Integration Work?

With Time Miner and MyCase together, legal professionals can rest assured that no billable time is slipping through the cracks. The integration seamlessly syncs time entries from TimerMiner to MyCase. TimerMiner scans and monitors call and text logs, and those are then recorded in MyCase. 

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The Top Benefits of Time Miner and MyCase

1. Automated Time Tracking

Time Miner automatically scans call and text history, identifying billable time entries that are then automatically synced into MyCase.

2. More Accurate Time Capture

With automated time tracking, Time Miner ensures all billable activities are accounted for, reducing the risk of missed revenue opportunities and ensuring firms are fairly compensated for their work. 

3. Efficient Billing

Lawyers can generate detailed time entries, including call duration, contact details, and timestamps, with just a few clicks.

4. Comprehensive Reporting

Time Miner provides robust reporting and analytics to help legal professionals gain insights into their time management and billing practices.

Capture More Hours and Boost Your Bottomline

Ready to effortlessly track time, increase visibility into time spent on activities, and increase your firm’s profits? Try the Time Miner and MyCase integration today. MyCase offers a free 10-day trial, and Time Miner offers a free 60-day trial. Get started now and stop losing billable time. 


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