Modern law firms require modern solutions. In the new work era, where more and more lawyers work in remote and hybrid environments, having access to all of the information you need to handle a file is critical. Yet, despite the benefits of cloud-based legal practice management (LPM) software (well-documented in the 2022 Legal Trends Report

Every small law firm has their own unique challenges—whether it’s spending too much time on administrative tasks or dealing with late payments. The good news is small law firm billing software has the power to help firms overcome these barriers. And as a result, unleashing new levels of success for small law firms everywhere.

We’re still reeling from the excitement of coming together (in person!) in Nashville for the 2022 Clio Cloud Conference. That excitement was especially palpable during the Reisman Awards, where we celebrated seven firms for displaying excellence in their fields and positively impacting their communities.
The annual Reisman Awards—named after Clio’s very first customer,

Clio has always been at the forefront of innovation in legal technology. As the leader in the shift towards online legal services, we’re driving change in the way law firms manage their cases, retain clients, and accept payments.
Today, we’re excited to bring Clio Payments to our Canadian customers. Now our Canadian customers will be

If you’ve noticed more “buy now, pay later” options at checkout, you’re not alone. This financing method is taking the world by storm, with consumers using it for everything from big-ticket purchases like exercise equipment to necessities such as groceries and rent. Unsurprisingly, legal services are also experiencing a rise in buy now, pay later

The 2022 Clio Cloud Conference (ClioCon) marks our tenth annual conference, and the energy at Jack Newton’s opening keynote was palpable. With over 2,000 in-person attendees and over 1,000 tuning in virtually, we shattered ClioCon attendance records —a remarkable achievement for the first-ever hybrid ClioCon.
This year, Clio CEO and Founder Jack Newton delivered an

Lawyers know better than anyone that education is a life-long pursuit, extending far beyond the four corners of a legal textbook. And, in our ever-changing digital world, data literacy—and, unfortunately, data security—is becoming essential for lawyers.

While all lawyers need to be aware of the risks associated with our new digital environment, these new challenges