Whether you’re in the early or later stages of your legal career, lawyer retirement is a natural part of the attorney’s journey. A solid lawyer retirement plan is necessary and beneficial for any lawyer’s future.
We know that preparing for lawyer retirement is a challenging and complex task. But as with any legal matter you

Being a lawyer isn’t easy. From intaking new clients to juggling open legal cases and keeping up with administrative work, being a great lawyer requires careful management, patience, and dedication. The great news is: Chatbots for lawyers can help with all aspects of a lawyer’s day-to-day. 
Typically, chatbots are best known as a precursor to

As an attorney, no one expects you to be an accountant. But efficient, accurate accounting is still key to your firm’s success. The right accounting software—like QuickBooks for lawyers—can help. 
QuickBooks is a useful accounting software for lawyers on its own. But its advantages multiply when you pair it with Clio Manage’s practice management software.

Law firm profit sharing formulas are a complex and often controversial topic. In fact, any discussion of law firm compensation models can turn contentious. Many legal professionals have their own opinions about “the best way” to do things, based on their own experiences. 
In addition, many firms operate using traditional, origination-based compensation systems and profit

Figuring out the best laptops for lawyers can get overwhelming.  With nearly-endless options for size, configuration, style, and price, picking the best laptop to buy is challenging. And it’s not a decision to be taken lightly—you want to invest your money into a computer that will meet your long-term needs.
In this guide, we’ll walk