When it comes to payments, is your firm giving clients the flexibility they desire and deserve? Electronic payments are essential if you want to provide an excellent client experience while increasing your firm’s efficiency and revenue.
The way that people want to pay for things—from everyday items to legal services—has shifted. In fact, according to

Meet MotaWord, our 2023 Clio Integration Award Winner for Best New App!
MotaWord helps lawyers navigate the needs of a global legal industry who are dealing with documents in various languages, and tight deadlines. It provides seamless, high-quality, and cost-effective translation services for law firms, ensuring that all translations maintain the original document’s intent,

Meet Hona, our 2023 Clio Integration Award Winner for Best Business of Law App!
Hona is building one central hub for all client interactions. It’s software automatically educates and updates clients, letting lawyers spend time winning their case while giving clients an experience that makes firms stand out.
To learn more about Hona, we

Meet Fidu, our 2023 Clio Integration Award Winner for Best Practice of Law App! 
Fidu propels law firms into the future, helping them transition from an hourly billing structure to a subscription-based model. It enables legal teams to scale from providing one-to-one services to a more efficient one-to-many approach; revolutionizing the legal experience by

You can’t master contract law until you know the essentials of indemnity clauses. The indemnity clause is a vital element in many agreements, especially commercial contracts. By helping allocate risk among the contracting parties, these clauses provide more equity and risk avoidance to the contracting process.
Here we will cover the definition of an indemnity

Do you have a love for the law, but no deep desire to practice or appear in court? Do you find generating solutions to complex problems incredibly satisfying? Are you an excellent communicator? You may want to consider a career as a legal consultant.
Whether you’re exploring potential legal career paths for the future or

To run a profitable law firm, you need clients. But marketing, business development, and building client relationships can be time consuming and costly tasks. And, busy legal professionals are already stretched thin. What’s a lawyer to do?
Enter, Clio Grow. This powerful tool does a whole lot more than seamless client intake. It includes

When it comes to getting paid, plenty of options are available for lawyers. They can use:

  • Hourly rates based on time spent.
  • Flat fees that have a fixed cost.
  • Contingency fees tied to case outcomes.
  • Retainer fees that require upfront payments.

How do you know what’s best for your law firm? It starts with gaining

Marketing is crucial to any law firm’s success—but there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all law firm marketing strategy. Different practice areas have unique needs, so your marketing strategies should be tailored to serve your firm’s specific client base and branch of law.
This is particularly true with family law marketing.
Family law firm clients

“Your Honor, objection!”
Even non-attorneys have likely seen this scene in a TV show or movie, where a trial attorney objects to the opposing counsel’s question or the witness’s testimony. While objections may be less dramatic in real life, trial lawyers must undoubtedly understand how to use different types of objections in court.
In this

Since 2016, legal professionals have relied on Clio’s annual Legal Trends Report for an objective, comprehensive analysis of legal industry trends.
As the legal industry’s most in-depth examination into the state of legal practice, the Legal Trends Report brings together critical insights about law firm performance. It also sheds light on the forces shaping legal

No one expects law school to be easy, and law school burnout can happen to even the highest-performing students. Many law students struggle with the mental, physical and emotional exhaustion that often comes with earning a law degree.
For law students, burnout can be a vicious cycle that can impact everything from mental health to