Law and accounting are two highly-coveted career paths. Although they may seem disconnected at first, lawyers and accountants share many skill sets, including keen attention to detail, critical thinking, and mastery of negotiation techniques.
Many lawyers and accountants work hand-in-hand on cases and business matters—while some even merge the disciplines by becoming an accounting lawyer.

While law school helps you develop the legal knowledge to practice law, it doesn’t always help you with many of the “soft skills” that are equally essential top skills for lawyers. Having the right soft skills, in addition to a strong knowledge of the law, is crucial for building a successful legal career—and for running

Lawyers are regularly inundated with mountains of documents: Contracts and leases, letters and notices—after all, documents are critical to law firms. Thankfully, legal document management software can help lawyers stay organized and on track. 
Understandably, many lawyers grapple with legal document management. One can lose precious billable hours while scouring for information, others struggle to

In the legal industry, perhaps more than anywhere, it’s critical to avoid getting “lost in translation”—and legal translation is no different. 
Legal translation is a valuable tool for lawyers and their clients. In some cases, it’s a necessity. For example, when a defendant doesn’t speak or understand English, legal translation is their bridge to understanding