Attorneys handle a wealth of sensitive information daily. Confidentiality is a core tenet of the legal profession. Clients need to know that whatever they say to their lawyer is protected via client-attorney privilege.
Unfortunately, data breaches are becoming increasingly common, threatening both the privacy of clients’ sensitive information and firms’ reputations. Consider data from ABA’s

If you’re setting out on the path to be a lawyer, what are the educational requirements you will have to meet? Determining the education required to be a lawyer can be a confusing process, especially considering variations among different states. In this article, we provide a general overview of the education required to become a

Using CallRail and Clio to Increase Marketing ROI & Client Engagement
While many lawyers may not have a business degree or seasoned entrepreneurial experience, they do have an unwavering passion to serve their clients with best-in-class legal representation. Though, with the current consumer demands in this modern era of business, alone, that might not be

Are you dreaming of ways to play a role in combating pressing environmental issues such as climate change and water pollution? Or helping to address the growing biodiversity crisis and protect endangered species? A career in environmental law may be right for you. As the challenges facing our planet continue to mount, environmental law—which focuses

Family law is a complex field of legal practice. It focuses on highly sensitive issues surrounding family relationships—from marriage and divorce to paternity and child custody. Although the nature of work can be challenging, it’s also an extremely rewarding area for legal professionals. As they can help clients successfully navigate difficult life changes. Whether you’re

Legal professionals at small law firms wear multiple hats. Backed by fewer resources, many devote a large part of their day to tedious and time-consuming tasks, from painstakingly tracking their billable hours in a spreadsheet to sifting through bills to spot outstanding payments. The result? Legal professionals aren’t spending nearly enough time helping their clients

It’s challenging to make decisions when you don’t know what your options are—and, if you’re a lawyer, chances are you have limited time as it is to review those options! While you might not be completely satisfied with your legal software, the thought of researching other options or implementing new technology can feel like a