Since law school is such a demanding environment,  it makes sense to examine the mental toll on law students. Unfortunately, law student mental health statistics paint a somber picture. Statistically, many law students are at risk of suffering from mental health and substance abuse problems. Since practicing attorneys are already prone to poor mental health,

You’ve likely heard of Slack—the instant messaging behemoth that has redefined workplace communication, saving employees worldwide from navigating their cluttered email inboxes. 
So, how exactly does Slack for lawyers work?
Businesses sign up for a plan before asking employees to download the Slack app and create an account. Employees can then use the app to

Professional organizations play key roles in many industries by helping their members with networking, career advancement, and more. Paralegal organizations are a prime example.  In fact, professional organizations for paralegals often provide their members with education, training, and certification—all of which are critical services for an industry without nationally mandated standards.
When choosing which paralegal

Securing an interview for a paralegal job is an exciting and  impressive feat. Now, it’s time to prepare for that interview by studying the paralegal interview questions you’ll likely get asked. Below we’ve outlined 10 common paralegal interview questions and thoughtful guidance and considerations for your answers. Continue reading for our best practices  when it

Today’s modern law firms are building better client-centered practices with new legal technologies that enable efficient, seamless, and scalable client services. Legal networks are widening as a result of these changes, and the industry is better connected than it’s ever been before. 
Much of that is facilitated through technology infrastructure and an unprecedented adoption of

Every law firm wants to be paid on time. Unfortunately, this is where many firms face a bottleneck. Perhaps their staff is too busy focusing on client matters to send out invoices regularly. Or maybe clients simply don’t pay on time—meaning firms have to waste precious hours following up.
According to our 2020 Legal Trends

Solo practitioners and small law firms are more pressed for time than ever before. As a result, many realize it’s not possible to run all operations in-house while delivering a top-notch, client-centered experience.
That’s precisely where managed services for law firms can make a difference. By outsourcing specialized tasks to third-party providers, law firms can

Any attorney knows that meeting court filing deadlines are non-negotiable. Accordingly, it’s also critical you have the correct legal document format to ensure your filing isn’t rejected. This means you should know the basics of how to format a legal document.
Here we review several areas of legal document formatting you should be familiar with.

What kind of phone system does your law firm use? As businesses in the legal sector embrace automation and other technology with increasing speed, it’s unsurprising to see that legal phone systems are being updated too. 
Law firms require powerful, reliable call handling setups to keep up with their clients’ increasingly complex communication demands. That’s why

At Clio, our mission is to transform the legal experience for all. To fulfill that mission, we’re designing a system that operates in the best interest of everyone involved in legal–the consumers who face a legal challenge and need legal assistance, and the legal professionals, lawyers, and firms looking to serve those consumers.
That system

As a lawyer, providing high-quality legal services also means maintaining a coherent and consistent brand that clients will associate with a positive client-centered experience. Law firm letterheads are one of the key ways legal professionals can help provide that consistent, client-centered experience.
The importance of professional law firm letterheads 
Big law firms typically have