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It’s a classic challenge: Legal clients want options when it comes to paying their legal bills, and law firms want to get paid. Fortunately, alternative payment methods like recurring payments can help everyone meet their needs. 
By offering recurring payment plans, law firms make it more manageable for clients to pay their legal bills in

In an ever-evolving and challenging world, lawyers often find themselves battling stress, negativity, and a demanding workload. But, Mel Robbins—acclaimed speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and at one time, a lawyer herself—believes you’re always one decision away from a different life. With a few simple habits, you can tip the dominoes of your life

The 2023 Clio Cloud Conference marks our biggest conference yet. The sold-out event welcomed over 2,000 guests from over 20 countries and 1,000 virtual attendees. 
We were invigorated by the energy of our attendees and speakers alike, coming together to celebrate technological advancements that improve the legal experience for all.
Couldn’t make it to the

As the legal industry’s most in-depth examination into the state of legal practice, the 2023 Legal Trends Report brings together critical insights on the biggest challenges facing modern law firms. 
In our fast-paced world, efficiency and effectiveness are of the utmost importance. This is especially true for lawyers. Today, the average lawyer has a heavier

The 2023 Clio Cloud Conference (ClioCon) marks our 11th annual event. Clio Founder and CEO Jack Newton kicked off the event with an energizing keynote covering everything from the state of the legal industry to Clio’s newest offerings. Read on for highlights from Jack Newton’s keynote presentation. 
This is not Clio’s conference—it’s yours
Jack welcomed

Many personal injury lawyers can relate to the frustration of shoehorning distinct case management requirements into technology that doesn’t quite meet their needs.
Want to ditch piece-meal solutions? Look no further than Clio, now offering a seamless practice management solution customized just for personal injury practices.
Clio, the legal industry’s leading practice management software, now

In the United States, there are more than 50,000 personal injury law practices serving a massive number of clients who rely on their critical services. These law firms have distinct procedures from any other practice of law. 
They work tirelessly to stay organized, stay profitable, and manage multiple long-term cases at varying litigation stages, so

When it comes to payments, is your firm giving clients the flexibility they desire and deserve? Electronic payments are essential if you want to provide an excellent client experience while increasing your firm’s efficiency and revenue.
The way that people want to pay for things—from everyday items to legal services—has shifted. In fact, according to

Meet MotaWord, our 2023 Clio Integration Award Winner for Best New App!
MotaWord helps lawyers navigate the needs of a global legal industry who are dealing with documents in various languages, and tight deadlines. It provides seamless, high-quality, and cost-effective translation services for law firms, ensuring that all translations maintain the original document’s intent,