I still remember the job fair that cemented my decision to go to law school: Every table from a major law school was advertising the average starting salary of one of their graduates in private practice. Not being a lawyer yet, I conveniently ignored those disclaiming words of “private” and “average” and locked it into

Understanding how to calculate utilization rate is integral to running a successful law firm business. Law firms are also unique when compared to other businesses because hours are divided into billable versus non-billable. According to the 2021 Legal Trends Report, your firm’s utilization rate allows you to measure your firm’s workload and productivity. It’s

A career in the legal industry can be incredibly rewarding. However, the optimal role or area within the landscape of the legal profession might take some time to find. If you’re trying to decide between pursuing a career as a paralegal or as a lawyer, you may be wondering what’s the difference between a paralegal

Should law firms charge clients credit card processing fees? As the demand for online payments increases, many lawyers find themselves facing this question. 
We’ve seen discussions in the Law Community and other online forums, but what’s the best option for your firm? More importantly, what is the legal implication of each option? 
Law firms need

Keeping accurate, clean records of your law firm’s accounts is a challenging yet vital part of running a legal practice, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Law firm accounting software simplifies your firm’s accounting and bookkeeping workflows—making it easier to keep accurate records, stay compliant with ethics rules, protect sensitive client information, and