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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term which is routinely bandied about in discussions about legal technology. Companies selling software to the legal sector almost ubiquitously proclaim that their products are “powered with AI” in their marketing literature. But is this apparent meteoric rise of AI within legal tech of any real consequence, or is it

“I think it’s absolutely terrifying,” said my husband, when he tested out the app, and as a linguist, and as a normal human being, I’m inclined to agree.  As lawyers, there must often be situations where such an app would be useful, or even indispensable. The question everyone is asking is when will such machines

The conveyancing sector has seen quite the transformation over the last five years, transitioning from a labour-intensive manual industry to one that is embracing digital. There are big changes coming to the industry in 2022, from mandatory digital AP1 submissions to greater adoption of completely digital onboarding solutions and eSignature usage.

Technology has played a

Sometimes it is hard to remember that law goes on being made during pandemics, just as it does during wars and in economic crises. The laws made now whilst we battle with the ethical and economic impact of possible further lock-downs and social distancing measures, is intended to regulate future activities, even if we can’t

As more and more everyday products are produced with internet connectivity – whether it actually improves functionality or is more of a gimmick – there are increased concerns regarding cybersecurity and data protection.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to both these WiFi-enabled goods and the wider concept of having everything connected to the internet

I have been writing about the internet for lawyers since 1995 when it first entered the public consciousness and the first few legal websites were born. These early writings, and many since, are published on my blog Binary Law.
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