In a move designed to expand its products for online dispute resolution, the American Arbitration Association has acquired, a company that builds ODR systems, and its parent company, Resourceful Internet Solutions Inc. (RIS), which also owns, and The companies said that the immediate focus of the alliance will be on expanding

Editor’s Note: This article explores the recent controversy surrounding Slack’s use of sensitive user data for training AI models. It highlights key issues of transparency and user control, which are critical for maintaining trust in digital platforms. The discussion is particularly relevant for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals as it underscores the importance of

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, decentralization is emerging as a critical paradigm shift, promising to revolutionize how we handle data, privacy, and AI capabilities. At the “Decentralized AI” session, Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab, provided an illuminating and thought-provoking perspective on this topic. Here’s an exploration of the concepts discussed

Document management company iManage and legal research company vLex now have something else in common besides brand names that start with lower-case letters. The two companies today announced a partnership that will combine the artificial intelligence and docket-monitoring tools of vLex with the knowledge assets and client and matter folders that a law firm or

In this special episode of The Geek in Review, host Greg Lambert sits down with ⁠Ed Walters⁠, Chief Strategy Officer at ⁠vLex⁠, to discuss two significant announcements: the integration of vLex’s ⁠Vincent AI⁠ with ⁠iManage Work⁠ and the automated docket ingestion feature with iManage using vLex’s ⁠Docket Alarm⁠.
The integration between Vincent

Editor’s Note: ComplexDiscovery OÜ is just one example of the many success stories that have emerged from Estonia’s innovative approach to nurturing startups. By providing a streamlined process for establishing and managing businesses remotely, along with access to essential services like banking, payment processing, and tax declaration, Estonia has created a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs